Meet the newest member of the team

Funny how things work out sometimes. The morning we were getting ready to shear, we startled some mice in the barn. Jonathan immediately began lobbying for a barn cat, but no time to think about that, there was shearing to be done! Fast forward to the next morning…Travis goes for a morning run, and (you guessed it) found a little kitty along the road. Well, you cannot argue when fate steps in, so meet Kismet, the new barn cat.He has settled right in and enjoys ‘playing’ with the sheep. They haven’t quite figured out what his position in the flock is going to be.Kismet likes to help the human beings out also. Here he is supervising Jonathan’s work on the four-wheeler. Our new kitty is very busy all day long patroling the barn, chasing stray pebbles and straw, and organizing baler twine. He has a little stub tail, which means (so we have been told) that he will be a great mouser. However, in between all the activity and excitement, every kitty has to make time for a little nap in the sunshine.

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