Hail-storm lambies

We were just leaving the barn this morning, when it started raining; raining hard. All the ewes and lambs residing in the ‘nursery’ area came running in the barn, all but one. Uh Oh! We ran out looking for her. She was lying in the field, in labor, two little hooves beginning to show. When she saw us she got up and started toward us but then lay back down. It began to rain harder, so one of us ran back in the barn for towels and raincoats. Little Daireann struggled to get under the field shelter, but then the hail began. As it began to hail even harder, pounding the top of the shelter, the little ewe decided she had had enough. She high-tailed it to the barn, and was very relieved to reach ‘safety’. Well all this excitement set things back a little bit, but in about 15 minutes she delivered a little ram lamb. Then much to our surprise, a second lamb began to appear, but this time a nose and only one hoof. Sharon did a wonderful job straightening out the lamb and assisting Daireann in the delivery. Another ram lamb!?? Yes, unbelievably, another set of twin rams, the third in a row. Oh well, another pair of beautiful lambs. Neither of us got a very good picture; too much excitement; an exhausting morning.

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