Curley’s Lambs

We got two beautiful lambs today from our romney ewe, Curley. These were somewhat unexpected as we didn’t intend to breed her this year. Someone must have jumped the fences over and back after breeding season was officially closed. I say somewhat unexpected because she prolapsed about 10 days ago which brought to our attention (via Jonathan’s MSWF phone call) that she did indeed show other signs of pregnancy. So, retainer in, we were anxiously waiting with no idea how long the wait would be. (Surely not July — we knew a ram got in when the fences were down during the ice storm) So, this morning at feeding time, the new lambs greeted me. What a relief for us all!!

A black 11 lb 3 oz ewe lamb:

And a 12 lb 8 oz white ram:The little ewe had some entrophin but the alligator clips are doing the job and should come off tomorrow. We are so excited to have 2 more healthy lambs.

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