This is Gracie

This is Gracie. When you are raising animals there are so many joyous, funny and wonderful moments that it is hard to be prepared for the unexpected tragic moments. Gracie’s mama, Faith, died a couple weeks ago when one of the shelters blew over during a bad thunder storm. Faith was a wonderful, first-time mama, and it was great to watch how she still maintained her close relationship with her twin, Joy, after Grace was born. So it was really hard on both Grace and Joy when we lost Faith.

We moved Grace into the ‘nursery’ area so we could make sure she was getting enought to eat. This paddock has our ‘special needs’ group. There is our old girl, Sally Ann, and her ram lamb; Daireann and the ‘hail-storm’ lambies; and Dawn who has ‘issues’ and is due to lamb July 11th (another d#*! ice storm accident). This paddock is right beside the barn and we can easily check on everyone as needed.
Well finally Gracie has made it through her mourning and has adjusted to life in the nursery paddock. She is beginning to enjoy the extra attention she gets, and has become Dawn’s new best friend.

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