Let the breeding begin

After three long days of hard work, we finally have everyone situated. We decided to use Goliath before we sell him and take advantage of his ‘Wild and Wooly’ Coopworth bloodlines.

Some great matches for Hercules will produce more lambs with his wonderful Wensleydale fleece characteristics.

What can you say about Poseidon… beautiful fleece, fast growing lambs, and hopefully fewer ram lambs this season.

Zeus (he of great condition, wonderful fleece and very, very few worms) also has a small breeding group of ewes, but he is so nosy that we haven’t been able to get a good picture yet.

Pictured below is Liam’s group of registered Border Leicester ewes and BL crosses. We are really anxious to see the lambs produced by some of the yearling ewes (our first lambs).

And so… with the ceremonial ‘turning in of the rams’… let the breeding begin!

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