The Ram Cram

How many large rams will fit in a 3X4 pen? Well it turns out that 3 large rams fit perfectly. We broke up the breeding groups and very snugly, penned up 3 of the rams together for 24 hours. We used this method last year with success and it worked very well this year also. By the time we turned them out, they were not interested in much more than eating and getting a drink of water.

They behaved fairly well as we led them around the perimeter fence to the top of the hill and are now pretty much settled in.

We kept Liam, Sally and Dawn in another small, separate group. Liam has been very busy with a large breeding group and we wanted to give him a little less competition at the feed trough. Sally is our old girl and needs a little extra TLC. Dawn is our special girl and does not handle stress well. The three are quite happy in their small paddock.
The four remaining ram lambs (almost yearlings) are also in their own small paddock. We used Goliath in a small breeding group but he seems to be fitting right back in with his buddies. We have the large group of bred ewes, ewe lambs and wethers in the graveyard field and by the barn. Snostorm is standing guard and enjoys being reunited with everyone. We were really fortunate that the weekend weather was unseasonably mild and warm.

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