Weaning Day

Weaning day has arrived! We did our bi-weekly ‘FAMACHA and worm if needed’ routine and weighed all the lambs. Weights ranged from 60 lbs for some of the smaller twins to 102 lbs for Feisty’s big single bruiser (Wensleydale-Coopworth-Lincoln cross).

We separated the lambs from the ewes. Snostorm was not too happy about us moving his lambs to a new paddock. He is standing guard and shaking his head most emphatically, “No!”

We moved the ewes five small paddocks away, but it was still a very noisy day. Many of them spent their time waiting by the fence and complaining loudly.

After a noisy, stressful night everyone should adjust and calm down tomorrow. Ahhh, peace and quiet to look forward to.

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