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Time to tackle morning chores, put on a couple layers, pull on your boots and don’t forget your hat and gloves.

It seems that everything takes a little longer in the winter, but finally all the animals are enjoying their food. It’s time for us to take a break and enjoy some lunch.

We will spend the afternoon in the fiber room today. Periodic peeks outside show a typical winter storm day with snow and a little sunshine trying to peek through every now and then.

To the south, looking towards Belington, it looks like the storm will never end.

But just to the southeast, it looks like Thomas , Davis and Backbone Mountain are basking in the sun.

It’s about 4:15 now. Samson is loving the snow! At the moment he is guarding his well camouflaged dog house.

It is a very good thing that evening chores do not take very long because daylight disappears quickly this time of year. This evening appears even darker with the heavy snow which has begun to fall again.

Evening chores are done. Come join us for the beautiful sunset! It probably won’t last for long. The winter storm advisory doesn’t end until midnight.

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