Of Strawberries, Soil and Animals

Back to the West Virginia Small Farms Conference today! Again, a very educational day. First up, Steve Groff from Cedar Meadow Farm speaking about “Soil Health / Cover Crops and Management Techniques”. Steve has traveled extensively sharing information on his “Permanent Cover Cropping System”. He shared knowledge gained from French farmers on their cover cropping techniques. Who knew that tillage radishes could be so interesting.

Photo compliments of Cedar Meadow Farm

Willie Lantz gave a presentation on “Growing Summer Strawberries for the Fresh Market”. His research for the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Office was very exciting. We might have to give this one a try. (Hey, did we mention that we buy chicken feed from Willie’s dad?)

Louis and Megan Roy from White Oak Ridge Farm provided information on “Raising and Processing Pastured Poultry”. This is another venture we have been very interested in so it was great to see what they are doing on their farm. It’s nice to know that there is a family-operated, USDA (almost) approved processor so near by.

Several West Virginia University professors gave presentations ranging from “Ask the Meat Specialist”, “Nutrient Cycling” and “Soil Health” to “Grass Fed Beef” and “Too Far From the Vet”. All in all, another exciting and educational day!

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