Summer Mystery

Those of you who know us are aware that one of us (not mentioning any names) is obsessed with, err… in love with guineas. So much so that she frequently mentions to anyone who will listen that they look like civil war era ladies holding up their hoop skirts when they are running through mud or rain. (Seriously.)

So there has been a lot of distress around here because our guineas have been disappearing, during the day. Now at night they are safely locked up in their wonderful coop, but during the day they are voracious bug-eaters ranging in the pasture and out into the barnyard. We have not had a problem until this summer.

Enter Mr. and Mrs. Fox and family… boldly making daytime appearances about 1/4 mile from the barnyard. Since they have been spotted, seven, (yes – 7, siete, sept, sette, sieben) of our guineas have disappeared… during the day – leaving not a shred or feather of evidence.

Knowing all this, you would think that it would be safe to send above mentioned guinea-lover to the feed store in the pouring rain. Well, think again. Meet the newest PEEPs… Keets. Now you must understand that this guinea lover has even lower keet-resistance when it comes to lavender guineas. And, have you ever seen anything like the other two keets? Having done a little bit of research at the Guinea Fowl Color Chart, I am kind of betting on the Royal Purple.

Rest assured that the Mystery of the Disappearing Guineas will be solved and preventive measures will be taken well before these little keets will be able to make appearance anywhere outside a box… or a coop.

And, NO, you may not (as some have suggested) name them Fox Food.

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