Guinea Duet

For the last couple of weeks the JV Guineas have shared the coop with the two remaining adult guineas, a male with a slowly healing swollen foot and his lovely female companion. We had a large pen within the coop that the JVs could retreat to when they felt the need. We decided to remove the pen on Saturday so there would be more room and it would be easier to get around with food and water.

Well, for much of the morning, this was the view from outside the coop… no harm done, but not a pretty sight… clearly something needed to be done.

Having read on the Raising Guinea Fowl website how much guineas enjoy their reflection, we decided to give the adult guineas something else to amuse themselves. We installed this little parakeet mirror, and it was an instant hit!

In no time at all, the guinea racket of the usual buck-wheat buck-wheat and CHI CHi Chi chi chi changed to a lovely, almost melodious whistling and singing.

The whole atmosphere in the coop changed. It went from pay no attention to us, we are pretending we are invisible…

to Oh, that is so lovely. Can we be your very attentive and appreciative audience?

Soooo much more pleasant for us all!

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