Late Bloomers… err.. Lambers

We love looking at the pictures of the new Pygora kids at Painted Shadow Farm, and although it is quite pleasurable to watch the early lambers… such as Leyden Glen Farm and Romney Ridge Farm
we are quite content for the time being to sit on the sidelines and observe… living vicariously through their tales of vaginal prolapses and bottle babies, and of course rejoicing with them in their triumphs over adversity.

And really never, have we been ever so grateful for our decision to be among the late lambers as we have been this winter. The thought of dealing with all this snow and lambing is just intolerable. It makes the thought of bringing newborn lambs and mama up over the hill… well after midnight… in the pouring rain… seem almost pleasant.

We are truly looking forward to days like these…

Aaahhh… sunshine… and baby lambs… anticipation… allowing us to somewhat ignore the 3-day winter storm watch once again coming our way.

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