One Thousand Two Hundred Sixy-Eight

First cutting of hay is almost done. Just a small field behind the old barn left to do. Our hay bale count is up to 1,268. All that June rain (over 9 inches) produced substantially more hay than last year. We also set-up some temporary fencing last summer and pastured the sheep through some of the hayfields. Looks like that will be a good practice to continue.
Many, many thanks to all the field hands, the barn crew and Mom and the girls that fed us at the end of each day!!

2 thoughts on “One Thousand Two Hundred Sixy-Eight

  1. Thank you so much… I have to admit that sometimes while unloading a wagon in the barn, I stop to admire the beauty of a hay bale with perfectly aligned pink clover blooms… kind of hard to explain to the rest of the family.

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