Hot! Hot! HOT!

Just like the rest of the Eastern U.S., it has been hot! Up here, high on top of our mountain ridge, we rarely see so many hot (90+), humid days in a row. It was so humid during one of our hay-making days that the in-home weather station reported that it was raining outside.
All of us, animals included, have been seeking the shade and trying to catch any breeze we can. The sheep do very little grazing during the day. It is just too darn hot. It finally rained a little bit yesterday, our first rain in July. We are grateful that it has cooled off some this morning, but hoping there is more relief in sight. We need rain, and the heat has been very stressful for the animals.

One thought on “Hot! Hot! HOT!

  1. The poor sheep can't shrug out of their sweaters. I heard that the weather will turn around some…hopefully for you, your sheep and others living at your farm.

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