Weaning Day

Saturday was weaning day… a day full of lots of noise and confusion.  All the ewes’ body conditions were checked, they were scored using the FAMACHA system, then put out the side door and into the paddock below the barn.  The lambs were weighed, scored with FAMACHA and kept in the barn until, in a grand exodus, we made our way to the graveyard field. 

By Sunday morning, about half the lambs had adjusted well and were moving about the field without a care in the world.  However the other half were doing a whole lot of what really can only be described as pouting.

In a few days the lambs will, once again, become quite frisky.  There will be plenty of cavorting and romping.  They will have developed new friendships and be having a grand time.   Lambs will be… lambs.

One thought on “Weaning Day

  1. Oh, I love the pics. Too precious. And funny that I just blogged today about the connection between me nursing my boys and the cows in our field nursing their young! 🙂 It sounds so weird to say, but I do feel a kinship with nursing animal mamas!

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