Buckwheat Festival Scenes

We love watching all the Judging of the animals and the Showmanship Contests.  Goats, swine, sheep and cows, we love watching them all.  This year’s judge seemed tireless, as he spent a lot of time with each entry, explaining why he placed them as he did.  Lena did not place as well as she would have liked.  It is not easy to explain to a young lady that many times life’s lessons are all about the journey and not at all about the prize. 

2 thoughts on “Buckwheat Festival Scenes

  1. It is so interesting to see other country shows in different countries – lots of similarities to the ones we have, but I think your sheep are a lot bigger and taller than our UK breeds – they certainly have very long legs compared to ours!

  2. It's all about life's journey, is it not ? I feel for Lena and send her love from England and the (formerly) sheep-rearing Cotswolds. Your pics are superb and take me back to how this part f the country was when we arrived 40 years ago. Wish I'd been over with you all.

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