Bovine Pleasure

Scarcely a day goes by that Beef Cake and Betty Lou Moo Moo fail to bring a smile to our faces.  They now come trotting down the hill to the gate to greet us.  We then all climb back up the hill to the feeder where they are treated to a little sweet feed.  The feeder is placed at the top of the hill so that it is near their wonderful watering trough.  It was in place when we bought this property, and is snuggled into the little shaded gully.  Sometimes the simplest things bring one pleasure – Betty Lou, Beef and this lovely watering trough are often bright spots in the day.

3 thoughts on “Bovine Pleasure

  1. I just came across your blog right now too! Loving the photos….. oh my – have just been telling my wee boy that wanting what other people have is very often coveting. And here I am drooling over your wonderful photos… wishing? Yep, gotta say – wishing I was there!
    Off to browse more
    Love, Anne, in a treeless part of the world – an island off the west coast of Scotland, looking onto the Atlantic, and it's 'next stop Canada'!

  2. Thank you both for visiting! We will try to return the favor by visiting you over the weekend.
    Anne, we are anxious to see your 'treeless part of the world', and will certainly take the beauty of our friends the trees less for granted. Thanks for giving us pause for reflection in a busy day.

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