Shearing Day

Thursday dawned cold, wet and foggy; pretty miserable.  Luckily we put the lambs in the barn the night before, so they were warm and dry. 

We had a wonderful group of helpers – Jonathan and Travis caught and threw the lambs, Mom prepared bags and made notes, Nancy bagged and David and Delores were the shearing mat sweepers.   Now, I know you are wondering what were those two shepherdesses doing?  Well they were helping with all of the above, along with fleece grading, catching and sorting ewe lambs from ram lambs.  A busy, busy barn full of somewhat damp and chilly but cheerful workers.

And these two guys – the shearers – Melvin and Joe; we can’t say enough about how great they are.  We sheared 49 lambs and were done before noon.  Thank you everyone for all your help… feeling so blessed to have such great family, friends and neighbors

Now onto the big job of skirting… hope to start that later today!

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