Snow Day

  Some days you just have to endure enjoy the challenge that mother nature throws into your everyday life. Yesterday was one of those days. What better way to face a day of blowing knee-deep snow with sub-zero windchills  than to pack along the camera and take some pics while doing chores? The adventure began with the half-mile trek through the snowdrifts to the barn. 102_9792 Along the way being very thankful for the knee-high subzero boots and insulated coveralls, and wondering if the Polaris Ranger is up to the challenge of all this blowing snow. Get to the barn and feed the easiest and biggest (thanks to the weather break that allowed us to get the breeding groups back together at the barn) group first. 102_9793   Recruit the help of Bella to spread some straw in the barn: 102_9798 102_9800 Then it is time to feed the couple outlying groups. The Ranger makes it from the garage to the barn and gets loaded for the trip to the graveyard field and the ewe lamb group.  102_9801 (Hoping the shovel is just riding along for moral support) Success!! Made it across the flat drive to the field and actually found the feed pans! 102_9802 102_9803 Next, the greatest challenge, up the hill to the rams and Betty Lou Moo-Moo and Beefcakes. Once at the top the snow usually isn’t too deep ‘cause it all blows away, but on the way there are usually some deep drifts to navigate bust through. 102_9797 Will the tarp-sled need to be reinvented? Or the big gun reinforcements snow angels called in? Not today! Once again the Ranger pulls through the drifts and up the hill. 102_9805 102_9806 Betty Lou and Beef and the Rams were very thankful and an extra bale of hay was left just in case it is necessary to hoof it to the top the next day. It’s back to the garage for the Ranger to await the next day’s challenge, and back to the barn for a Bella mini-photo shoot.  Inside shot: 102_9808 Outside shot: 102_9810 Our little girl is growing up so fast. Then, fill a feed bag with hay to take to the goat boys back at the house and on the way again through the drifts through which someone had recently made a path. 102_9811  A good morning set-up for a warm afternoon/evening of knitting and spinning!

4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. There's nothing sweeter to enjoying our own time like the feeling of getting chores done. Wonderful photos depicting deep in the throes of winter. Bella is growing so fast. Her name fits her. Beautiful!

  2. Oh wow! What incredible photos. And what work you have.
    I have to mention the gorgeous Bella. What a sweetie…. I would love a dog for our home here. I think a dog makes a home…. a bit like kids!
    Keep the photos coming x

  3. O, I can feel with you,the hard work, but also the miracle of the snow, the wondering and softly watching and waiting and listening animals. Here in Bavaria all the snow changed into water,it was raining without end. But now the sun is coming, and we are marveling and listening to the sweet warmness. Always near the weather!

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