Thy Collective Name Shall Be Mayhem

You all remember those innocent little ewe lambs?  You know, the ones that the goat boys were constantly leading into trouble.  Well now that the goat boys have been moved, we are really not sure just who was leading who. Saturday morning upon making the hay and water delivery to the graveyard field, we discovered that Hermione had managed to get tangled in the net gate, winding it around her neck and legs.  She was fairly easy to extract from that mess, and upon investigation the evidence was found.  There was the ‘PowerLink’ chewed apart so that the gate was no longer electrified.  After checking to make sure that everyone was ok, feed and water were distributed, a new ‘PowerLink’ was retrieved from the barn, and the gate and fencing were repaired… not such a big deal, not a disaster but it sure puts a big dent in your morning (especially trying to reset fencing through the snow and into the frozen ground).

So… imaginie our surprise, upon arriving at the barn on Sunday morning, when we were greeted by these lovely faces. 

There they were, those innocent little ‘almost yearlings’ with Blackberry and Juliet in tow.  They had made their way through fencing, two gates and almost through a third on their way to causing who knows what kind of mayhem.  We quickly loaded up the Ranger with their feed, hay and water and drove out to their paddock.  They happily and very quickly re-traced their steps, leaping over the tangled mess of fencing and gates that they had left behind, back into their own paddock.  This time after everything was repaired, the new connector was woven through the ‘ElectroNet’ gates and attached to the perimeter electric fence.  Hopefully if they try to pull on the PowerLink’ (to chew through it once again), they will get a little nip on the nose from the electric and back off.   Fingers are crossed that this does the trick.

In further news… my hay-stacking karma has been sorely lacking this winter… looking for the book “Zen and the Art of Hay Hauling”. 

4 thoughts on “Thy Collective Name Shall Be Mayhem

  1. How I remember tending the fences. On our small hobby farm, it was cattle, the calves, always finding their way under the fence to greener pastures. I love your sheep. My folks had Suffolk sheep for years, and lambing season was always so relentlessly busy, but the jumping, frolic of the lambs, made the extra work most rewarding. Mom still has her chickens. I'll be back.

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