Special Knits for Special People

Beautiful naturally colored wool contributed by Larry, Poseidon and Princess, hand spun and hand knit by Shepherdess Sharon into a special 80th birthday present for her special father-in-law, Dwaine.  A soft, cozy Man Hat  from a pattern by Haven Leavitt, knit in a wonderful combination of stripes to keep him snug and warm through what remains of winter.

A small shawl hand knit by Shepherdess Anita, based on the Wool Peddler’s Shawl by Cheryl Oberle, with the ruffle modifications from here and here.  The yarn was hand spun and hand dyed by our friend and neighbor, Betsy, at Quaking Maples Farm.  It is on its way to Spokane to warm Cousin Janet’s heart and her shoulders as she continues her long journey to recovery.

Special knits… love and prayer knit into each and every stitch… to bring a smile…  brighten a hospital room… to show someone just how much they are loved.

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