We are leaving you with not much more than a pretty picture today, as the Shepherdess/s are off to the WV Small Farm Conference.  Today we are attending a day-long workshop on Cheesemaking!  Yes, Cheesemaking!  We have been very excited about this.  Oh, I know, we don’t have any dairy animals at the moment, but we grew up on dairy farm, have been talking about dairy goats for several years, and have been longing for a little Jersey milk cow, well, for forever.  We are also planning to spend a little time this evening at The Winter Blues Farmers Market.  It should be a great day.  Hope yours is every bit as good!

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  1. be sure to take lots of pics! oh, btw, heritage farm in huntington wv is hosting a sheep herding demonstation. do you know of any vendors who would be interested in selling wool products? i blog for them, and they are following you right beside my avatar in the log house pic. if you are interested or know of any one, email them. thanks!!

  2. I love reading your blog… let me know if you would like to get into Nubian dairy goats. We have a small purebred herd and have some beautiful doelings for sale. Check out my blog at crossedarrowsfarm.blogspot.com

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