Farm Geeks

Farm Geeks? 
You know that person
:: who stops to wonder at the display of ring pin fasteners everytime they go to the farmstore
:: thinks that zip ties, bungee cords and rachet tie downs were just about the best things ever invented
:: whose Boggs barn boots are among their most prized posessions
:: has at least one Joel Salatin book on their night stand
:: slows down to a crawl when they pass a field containing a baby farm animal

Then, of course, there is their unadulterated admiration of hay!  Is there anything quite as pretty as that interior layer of hay where the bale naturally falls open after the baler twine is cut?  To delight in the charm of the tidy rows of timothy and alfalfa… but oh, to behold the beauty of the perfectly preserved red clover on a cold winter morning… it can take your breath away. 

The expectant ewes share that appreciation of a good bale of hay.  They come running, stealing mouthfuls on the way to the feeder.  They are not very patient or polite this time of year –  pushing, shoving their way in, trying to make sure they get their fair share of the goodness – very much the pregnant ladies at the salad bar.  Samson stands guard, ready to re-establish order should things get too rowdy.

Beautiful… life-sustaining…and we haven’t even mentioned the weight-lifting program they provide… maybe this post should be re-titled “Ode to the Square Bale”
Many thanks to Verde Farm for hosting the blog party – Farm Friend Friday #5 – you can visit them here.

6 thoughts on “Farm Geeks

  1. I love this post because of 2 things. When we first moved to France we rented a place where we had a view of the sheep feeding from hay bales and on many occasions deer would sneak in to feed too. Secondly, we had stacks of hay in our barn when we moved in to our house. It took 5 men all day to remove it. There was hay on the drive for weeks after that. x

  2. As somebody with absolutely no connection with sheep (i just fell in love with alpaca's) it great to see good pictures and i'm happy to be your 60th follower!


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