Sunshine… Finally

After a week of continuous wind, rain and snow everyone was enjoying the abundant sunshine of today.

From the expectant mama ewes to Aragorn and Beef, everyone was soaking up the light and warmth.  The yearling ewes nuzzlied my face and neck while I was emptying the snow and ice from their feeders.  It was just a wonderful way to start the morning.


Even Spot… the barn cat that on a normal day you can’t get within ten feet of… was looking for attention today, and not once but twice came looking to get scratched behind the ears before retreating into her hay cave.

7 thoughts on “Sunshine… Finally

  1. Is it warming there at all? I thought I saw some grass. We are suppose to be 75 today so I will be in the garden preparing for my herb bed. Sending warm thoughts your way.

  2. Tracey – Yes, we are having some warmer days, but our March weather is truly like 'the lion and the lamb'… it seems like it can change in an instant. Enjoy your day in the herb garden; we should be in ours about the middle of May 🙂

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