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Ramp season is in full swing here in the Mountain State, and that means that families up every hill and holler are fixin up a mess of ramps, the somewhat official spring tonic of West Virginia.  Everyone has their favorite ramp recipes but sometimes simple is best.  My husband’s favorite way to eat ramps was raw on a peanut butter sandwich. For dinner this evening I had raw ramps with hummus, goat cheese and pita chips.  Many people pickle ramps, dry ramps; we add them to potato salad, baked beans, just about any way you would use onions, leeks or garlic.  Some people say they are an acquired taste, but we sure enjoy them. 

Ramp feeds are being held at just about every church, fire hall and community building.  One of the largest, the Feast of the Ransom in Richwood is being held today, but our favorite is the annual ramp dinner being held tomorrow beginning at noon at the Aurora Fire Hall.  Ham, beans, fried potatoes with and without ramps, raw ramps, ramp salad, stewed ramps, corn bread, ramp muffins, desserts and beverages are on the menu.  So if you are in the area, come on out Sunday and support the Volunteer Fire Department.  If you are not, check out G and N Ramp Farm where you can order ramps, ramp seeds, ramp bulbs and Glen’s great book “Having Your Ramps and Eating Them Too”.

5 thoughts on “Ramp Feed

  1. I bought my first ramps last year and loved them! We planted the roots back in the woods on our property. We checked on them Thursday and they are growing now on our property! I'm so excited! It is too soon to harvest them since we want them to spread.

    The ramp feast sounds like it would be fun to go to!

    Have a Great Day!

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