Moving Slowly Along

Lambing is still moving along ever. so. slowly.  So slow, in fact, that Erma gave up her preaching perch

to come in the barn and see what was going on in the lambing jugs.

We are delighted, however, to welcome to the flock, Hestia’s twin black ewes out of Aragorn.  They are Border Leicester – Coopworth – Wensleydale crosses.  The first weighed 9 lbs 14 ozs and the second 7 lbs 14 ozs. 

It’s funny how things work out – last year all the lambs were white until the 28th one was born – this year 4 out of the first 8 are black.  Oh, we do so love our black sheep here on the farm!

6 thoughts on “Moving Slowly Along

  1. Our lambing started out as a trickle this year, too. Do you find the weather or low pressure systems moving through affect things? Seems we get them all at once with a weather change.

  2. Love black lambs…We just have suffolk/hamp…and they are all born kinda brownbut turn white – except their faces and legs (and only 2 ewes – 3 lambs – for 4H projects), . So are all these sheep wool breeds? Do you all sell the fleeces? or process it and sell the yarn or roving? (excuse my ignorance!)

  3. Wow, would I ever love some of the fleece from those little black ewe lambs! Border Leicester, Coopworth and Wensleydale! The idea makes me salivate!

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