Greener Pastures

The yearlings, wethers and ewes without lambs are busy bio-mowing a new section of the barnyard.  This portion includes our dyer’s garden where they are working on the weeds and fertilizing a bit. 
That accomplished, we then tackled the more complicated task of moving the ewes and their lambs into a new paddock.  This proved to be somewhat comical because as soon as we opened the gate, all the mamas ran through, but the lambs… uuhhh, the lambs… uummm, only the oldest, Maebh’s ram lamb, followed. 

There is definitely something wrong with this picture!  Now, in the lamb’s defense… the gate is small and it no longer opens all the way (having once been knocked off its hinges by an over-enthusiastic ram), but honestly… honestly, the grass really is greener on the other side.

We decided to leave the gate open so that the ewes could sort things out, and slowly, one by one, they came back looking for their little ones; eventually coaxing their lambs through.  Happily, by late yesterday, most of the families had migrated to the new paddock, and we should be able to close the gate today. 
In other…  really good… news…
Poppy’s head is healing nicely and she has rejoined the yearlings in the barnyard.
Ceres has really perked up.  She is eating well and loudly greets us when we open the barn door.

3 thoughts on “Greener Pastures

  1. The grass really is greener…that is great!
    I always look at your pictures at think what a great life you must have and what joy your work must bring to your days. Have a wonderful day.

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