Tending the Flock

Over the weekend, we brought the ewes and lambs from the paddock near the knoll back to the barn for CD+T vaccinations and FAMACHA checks.  We brought them through a moving lane on the outside of the perimiter fence as that was the easiest and shortest route.  We had one lamb escapee, but it ran alongside and found its way back in before we got everyone in to the barn.  All the lambs had full bellies, and they and the ewes were ‘all present and accounted for’.  We only had to treat one lamb (which may have been stress from getting its head stuck in a wire panel) and one ewe; praying that the rest of the summer goes as well!  

When we finished, we made the return trip back to the knoll paddock where we had oats and corn waiting in the feeders and vinegar in the watering trough.  By the way, we bought our first shepherd’s crook this spring, and we honestly don’t know how we ever got along without it.  We bought a fiberglass one since it would be lighter; such a great investment!

We also moved Belladonna to the large adjoining paddock.  She is very excited and happy to be right next to her charges, and she has a very large space to patrol.  There are squirrels to tree, and all kinds of new things to explore.
Samson continues to guard the barn paddock where we hope to encourage Mr. Foxey Loxey to develop new stalking grounds.  He is also guarding the yearlings and the triplets but more about that tomorrow.

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