Open House

Thank you all so much for all the good thoughts and well wishes that you sent our way!   They certainly must have worked because despite threatening clouds and rumbling thunder, only a few sprinkles dared to show up at our open house on Sunday.  We are experiencing some technical difficulties with photographs, but in the meantime we thought you would enjoy these videos of the Cranesville Country Mule Team Wagon Rides.  They were a huge hit.  Thanks, Laura and Rob!!  Many, many thanks to the mules, Buster and Brown!  They worked very hard and were so patient.
(Please be patient with the audio.  We thought about adding music, but the running commentary from our great-neice/granddaughter was just too cute to remove.)

3 thoughts on “Open House

  1. squeeky old buckboard – whether wooden or metal, old or new, same sounds! 🙂

    i like how your granddaughter hadn't even gotten back yet and she wanted to go again… 🙂

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