Moving Peeps

Erma’s new roomates moved in last night!  We moved the Buff Orpingtons, Silver Wyandottes and the New Hampshire Reds into Erma’s coop at dusk with the hope that everyone would soon roost, and the transition would  go smoothly.  As we closed the coop door, everyone was huddled in a corner… including Erma.  Fingers crossed that everything goes well today.

5 thoughts on “Moving Peeps

  1. I hope it goes well. Tonight we introduced ten new chicks to a little flock of 25 chicks. They are all about the same age and size, so we're hoping it works without too much pecking and prodding.

  2. Feeling with you and Emma! Seeing your Emma I remember my dear, dear Else, she was black-white-pointed. She was a wonderful hen, very intelligent and sensitive. Kisses to Emma!

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