7 thoughts on “{this moment}

  1. Do they always walk in a row? It does look like they are playing follow the leader. Glad to see Erma is out and behaving herself.
    Have a wonderful weekend and a happy 4th.

  2. I love your moment. Is that a peahen at the front of the line? I love how animals interact. When growing up I'd go out to the paddock to feed my horse and following behind me was the horse followed by the dog who was followed by the cat. Oh and if I was lucky the odd chook would join the line. I only wish someone had taken photos. It always made me smile at the time. JacintaI

  3. O!! I mean I recognize Emma! Or is the lovely hen a sister of her? I hope Emma is okay and happy. Incredible sheep-line. I never saw this in my life!

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