Fairy Lace

Fairy lace abounds on this damp, misty, really sort of dreary morning.  Grandma Lena always told us that these were little fairy tables left behind from the wee folks party during the night.  From this morning’s evidence we can only guess that last night’s party was indeed wild and wonderful (because… after all… this is West Virginia and even fairy parties here are wild and wonderful).  The spiders also seemed to be in on the fun as this beautiful spider web was left hanging from the bumper of the truck.
Here’s hoping that the fairies will visit your neck of the woods… have a lovely weekend.

5 thoughts on “Fairy Lace

  1. Yes! They indeed did have a big party last night in your woods! It does look like it was a wild and wonderful party! Wish I could have attended. Have you heard the Legend of the Fairies that ride on the backs of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi's? Fairies ride on the back of my corgi all the time! 🙂

    Have a Great Weekend!

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