Blasted Fox

We are saying “Farewell to our dear Miss Erma this morning.  Sadly the blasted fox killed our lovely girl last evening.  No more cute, polite ‘Mr. Foxey Loxey’ references for him.  Her was too bold… too cunning.  Jonathan was brush-hogging the field at the barn when he saw Samson take off down over the hill.  He followed, but neither he or Samson could get to Erma in time. 
We will miss our lone survivior.  We will miss the way she ran through mud, as if holding up her antebellum skirt so it would not touch the ground.  We will miss the way she bonded with the sheep and they with her.  We will miss the way she loved to use the window in the barn door as a mirror.
Most of all we will miss Miss Erma’s “buck…WHEAT” greeting.

9 thoughts on “Blasted Fox

  1. This is the second post this morning where I have read about foxes and guineas. I am really not liking foxes much right now. So sorry for your loss. Fly free Erma.

  2. My heart just broke hearing that Erma is gone! I will miss hearing about her day's and seeing her pictures on your blog. I am so very sorry!

  3. I am so sorry for Emma. She was like a sister of my Elze, who died by illness (tuban inflammation) last winter. Some years ago I lost two wonderful geese by a dog or fox. Its so hard to see them suffer and to bear the empty place.

  4. Catch us the foxes,
    for our vineyard is now in flower,
    while we fashion a cone of roses
    intricate as the pine's;
    and let no one appear on the hill.

    Verse 16 , Spiritual Canticle of St. John of the Cross)

    Verse 16 of the Spiritual Canticle of St.John of the Cross ( Ramona and Stille Linde made some wonderful drawings for this Verse a few days ago…)

  5. So sorry to hear baout Erma. Guineas just don't seem to survive well anywhere. Mine will stand in the middle of the road. I just don't get it. I love them though. Right now ours are very mad at us. We have robbed three nests and have guinea eggs in the incubator.

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