The Rest of the Chicks

A quick look at the rest of the chicks….slowly learning to roost in the new coop addition at the farmhouse:  the Rhode Island Reds and New Jersey Giants.
The lighter colored hen is a Turken from the older layers which kept escaping from the outdoor run and is in time-out with the little ones for now.
The barred chick is the free rare breed chick from the order. We think it may be a Cuckoo Maran rooster.

5 thoughts on “The Rest of the Chicks

  1. Cute pic. I have a Cuckoo Maran and she's a very dark brown but not barred like yours. She lays dark brown eggs which is why I got her. Thanks for the pictures. 8^)

  2. Nice assortment. Good luck with the time-out. I loved ordering from McMurray, too bad the feedstores made it too much easier for me to get chicks (less than 25)

  3. Beautiful hens! I have some new hens, their names are Silverstar (5 hens) and Snowflake (2 hens), Stella, Klara, Linda and Berta. They have to learn now to go inside in the night, because of the foxes…

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