Scoring the Lambs

We brought the lambs back to the barn very early Saturday for FAMACHA scoring.  This is a system that uses a chart to evaluate the mucous membranes of the lower eyelid to show the presence of anemia, an indicator of barber pole worms, the primary parasite in our area.  We also evaluate their body condition, general appearance and behavior.  We record the results on charts so that we can track the health condition of each lamb.  They each get a bright blue chalk mark on the top of the head after checking.
We were really pleased with the results, given the extreme heat we have been experiencing and that weaning occurred about two weeks ago.  Almost 25% of the lambs scored 1 (highest), and we only needed to worm about 10% of them.  Not a single lamb scored below 3 (4 and 5 are considered cause for alarm).  Hopefully the rest of the summer will go as well.  This is a very pretty group of lambs.

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