Peep Update

Although we are still waiting on the first egg, the peeps of spring have grown wonderfully into the chicks of summer.  The Rhode Island Reds and the New Jersey White Giants…

the Buff Orpingtons, the New Hampshire Reds and the Silver Wyandottes…

and of course, the free fancy… a Cuckoo Maran rooster, who may not contribute to the laying flock, but he sure does fancy up the chicken yard.
Now… if they would only start laying…

6 thoughts on “Peep Update

  1. I love chooks. I have a soft spot for Rhode Island Reds. They have such a sweet nature. Our Rhodie, Annalisa, comes inside if we forget to shut the door or my girls decide to let her in!! And no, we don't normally let our chooks in the house (just incase anyone was wondering). Jacinta

  2. Our new girls just started laying too. I love our Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster. He is beautiful. We have 10 Americaunas and are getting some pretty blue eggs. Love them in the basket!!

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