Scenes From the Buckwheat Festival

Last week at our county fair, perhaps the most common sight were muck boots, rain coats and umbrellas.  Most people would be disappointed in the constant rain and cold, but here in Preston County we know this is just your average Buckwheat Festival weather.  Young and old alike donned their rain and cool weather gear and still came out to enjoy the buckwheat cakes, the show animals, the exhibits, the crafts, the amusement rides… all the activities that the county fair brings.  Here are a few scenes… more to follow.  We hope to have a guest post from Lena about her market lamb experiences later this week.
(In other somewhat unrelated news… we had snow yesterday… no accumulation… but snow… in the higher mountains four inches… brrr.)

6 thoughts on “Scenes From the Buckwheat Festival

  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your fair. Snow? Already? I am once again starting to wish for snow here . I have to start praying early so there might me a chance ;).xx

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