Ready… Set… Go

We were so excited Saturday to get the last of our 32 breeding ewes all set for breeding; all the hooves were trimmed and crutching finished.  We put up (and later took down) 820 feet of temporary fencing for moving lanes; moved dogs, dog houses and watering troughs.  We were excited that we got the ram’s bellies trimmed and marking harnesses on before dark, and were not working by truck light. We were even more thrilled that it was a beautiful day and not 20 degrees, not raining or snowing, as in previous years.
Today, we are proud to present the first of the 2011 breeding groups – Liam’s Ladies.  Liam is our six year old registered Border Leicester, purchased from Kelly at Spring Breeze Farm as a yearling.  He has great lineage and a super disposition.  He throws a beautiful lamb with a long top and lovely wool.

613 –   Hebe  Coopworth – Border Leicester – Wensleydale cross
711 –   Daisy   Lincoln – Coopworth – Wensleydale cross
716 –   Harmonia   Border Leicester – Coopworth – Wensleydale cross
801 –   Patience   Border Leicester – Coopworth – Wensleydale cross
809 –   Hestia   Coopworth – Border Leicester – Cotswald cross
821 –   Siar   Cotswald – Border Leicester – Coopworth – Wensleydale cross
924 –   Meara   Coopworth – Blue-faced Leicester – Wensleydale cross
1004 – Aurora – Registered Border Leicester  

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