It’s not very often that you find us using the words ‘finally’ and ‘snow’ in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence…but here we are using it as a blog topic. After the last couple of days of cold, dismal rain downpours it finally changed to snow at noontime yesterday, turning everything from grey and muddy to pristine white.

And so we say “Finally….Snow”

Miss Bella is also enjoying the snow…. burying her dog treat
And the sheep are once again in their element…snow is always better than rain for them.

Appreciation for simple tools is felt once again:
New larger tires on the Ranger (which, by the way, work nearer to their full potential when you remember that you have 4-wheel drive)

And the trusty rubber mallet to get gates opened and water troughs usable.
And thus, we find ourselves saying “Welcome snow, we embrace you'”
At least for today…


5 thoughts on “Finally….Snow

  1. Thank you for given to me this wonderful meditation,while I am sitting on my warm chair and watching the beautiful snow and your activities!:)

    Please can you send to me 3 caps for my adult sons, one dark-blue, one brown and one colored. This is my address:

    Dorothea Stuffer
    Kreuzbergstra├če 11
    94234 Viechtach

  2. I agree with you. Tired of rain. Snow is welcome. Well, it took me 1 1/2 hr to get to work this morning but I wasn't one of the cars that slid off the road! Beautiful scenery.

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