Sugar Frosted Mountains

Above the big turn at Bellview, you could begin to see a strange phenomenom this weekend.  It was not the sugar-frosted trees on top of the hills that we usually see, but pockets of sugar-frosting on the side of the hills; producing an eerie, ghostly, almost fog-like feeling in the mountains.

Closer to home, in our backyard, the strange sugar-frosting continued in the hills to the south and southwest.  It was almost as if something (the wind perhaps) had brushed the snow from the trees on the top of the hills leaving an outline; showing off their fancy curves.

We could also see this beautiful frosty coating looking from the barn, through the pasture.  Some of the trees on the side of the hill above Wolf Creek had a heavy coating of frosty snow that lasted through the weekend.  Could it have been caused by moisture coming up the hollow during the storm?  Whatever the cause, the storm left us with a lovely winter wonderland and contemplating the many artistic talents of Father Winter.

6 thoughts on “Sugar Frosted Mountains

  1. Marvellous!! What a coincidence: I posted this moment a similar theme in my Wolfgangiblog, you find it at the right side of Dorikult! Greetings from snowy mountains to snowy mountains abroad over the great sea!

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