Saturday’s Sunrise

From 6:58 a.m. to 7:36 a.m., we experienced a most glorious sunrise… each moment more beautiful than the last.  In thirty-eight minutes our mountain top went from darkness into light.  An everyday miracle.  A reminder to hold on to that which is beautiful in each and every day.

Many thanks to all of you for the thoughts, prayers and love you have sent our way. 
We are so grateful.

5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Sunrise

  1. What a great painter is our Lord! I think He wants to send to you all His possibilities and blessings. Thank you for showing this.

    When we brought our beloved dog Timmi to the hospital in Munic by car – a longer journey- we had a similar sun-color-miracle (sun-set). But I had no camera! 🙁 Now I see it in YOUR blog! Thank you! Timmi is better now again. He had cruciate ligament injury.

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