Weekend Snowstorm

After a very, very mild January, we finally had a much anticipated snowstorm over the weekend.  Despite the windchills of -10, the sheep were quite happy with the weather.  For the most part, they were content to remain out in the snow, and rarely sought the shelter of the barn.

Getting where you wanted to go was a bit of a challenge, as our road was not plowed until the storm was over, but we made it out and then down the old barn lane and back with a Ranger load of hay.  And of course that made everyone happy.

The only place that coming and going proved to be a real problem was in the barnyard.  The traffic snarl was a common occurance as no one wanted to veer off the beaten path.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Snowstorm

  1. This is fascinating! The "meditative" sheep in the midst of the snow-storm, really like in very old times! We had a mild January, too, but here also February is strong winter. Tomorrow we will have a snow-storm, too, maybe it will not be possible for me to go by car the 8 kilometers to the stable, but I think, Xaver, who lives there , will do my work and make my small herd happy with hay and water… Thanks for sharing!

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