solstice to solstice :: light


this is the light of our childhood winter nights

electric service was unreliable especially in the winter
many times we were without electricity for hours or even days
this light is a witness to countless jigsaw puzzles and books read aloud;
games played and stories told

this light is a connection to those that came before us
to our grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents
little did they know when they carefully packed it to move in 1890
that this light would touch the lives of six generations of our farm family

the original chimney has been replaced
it has a small hole in the top of the fount that has been filled with lead a couple generations back; but to us, this oil lamp is a treasure
this is the light of winter

response to week eight of the solstice to solstice project
at urban.prairie.forest
please visit all the wonderful responses in the flickr pool

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