On the Hoof

Spring shearing is rapidly approaching, and we like to have pictures of our fleeces on the hoof to share with potential buyers.  We have been busy trying to capture some images in the field… thought you might enjoy some of them today.  Hope your Wednesday is wonderful.

6 thoughts on “On the Hoof

  1. Hello from Texas…I'm new to your blog and love the photos of your sheep. The last two photos look like they were happy to have their photos taken.

  2. Hi, I'm LOVING your sheep photos. Well, all your photos. I've only just found your blog but I will be browsing and reading more as I get time to. I have 8 sheep on a hill apportionment. Five Shetlands ( I'm from Shetland), one Cheviot and 2 Soays. I intend to get a few more Soays and some coloured Shetlands later this year. Sheep are very photogenic!
    Please feel free to pop over to my blog. And if you wish to join and follow that would be great.
    Will check back soon.

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