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After a quick decision to come home by the river road, and a climb over the guard rail, we found a pretty spot not already taken by fishermen.  The river was not really high but was running fast and loud, providing some beautiful scenery and moments of peace.  Just as I was taking some final shots of the river canyon, that peace was suddenly broken by the appearance of a helicopter from Camp Dawson.  The decision to leave was hurried along a little, as I told myself that it was hovering nearby just to make sure that I didn’t fall down and break my crown as I climbed back up the steep bank. 😉

We thought we might as well continue our adventure and come up the back way… up Rowlesburg hill.  Spring time is a great time to see the wildflowers emerging along the roadside, and as you can see from the picture below, without summer’s dense forest undergrowth, it is a great time to capture the true character of the road .  It is no longer maintained by the state road so it is full of ruts and bumps, but you are definitely not bothered by a lot of traffic.

So it was not a problem to stop along the way and enjoy the wildflowers… the yellow coltsfoot is still blooming but fading.  Bloodroot is now putting on the show with its delicate white flowers.  Spring has definitely sprung… everything is blooming about three weeks earlier than usual.

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  1. We had a week of summer. Temps in the mid to high 80's. Back to early spring weather here for Maine. 20 degrees, snow expected tomorrow. I love looking at your pictures. It brings hope to my heart. Soon. soon. soon.;)

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