Shearing Day

Thank you so much for all the good luck wishes for shearing day.  Everything went very well except for Larry, one very large six-year old wether (above), who behaved badly.  He finally calmed down, and that heavy year-long coat came off.  Many, many thanks to our shearers, Joe and Melvin, and to all the family and friends who pitched in to help!  We have 42 bags of beautiful wool just waiting for a turn on the skirting table.  You should have heard the oooohs and aaaahs as the wool came off each sheep.

We thought you might enjoy a couple before and after photos.  Daisy is pictured above and Juliet below.  It will take us about a week before we begin to recognize the sheep in the field again.  They look very different without those heavy winter coats.  It is now so much easier to gauge the condition of each sheep as we go into lambing… just a couple of weeks now.

8 thoughts on “Shearing Day

  1. Your photos are wonderful! They do look entirely different! This is a trade that I never learned to do, but the experience sounds exciting. A way for family and friends to spend a day working on the farm, but best of all, making memories that can be reflected on for years to come 🙂

  2. What a wonderful way to lose that bulk! Wish it was so easy for me!! Thanks for the wonderful photos of the before and after…they do look very different, don't they?

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