We finally got the yearling ewes and two of the wethers, Moe and Larry, moved out of the barn pasture and into their new paddock… again.  We gave up on Jack and he will stay with the bred ewes, probably through lambing.

It was a very exciting day.  They played follow-the-leader with Davita.  This very quickly evolved into a chase-the-cats-out-of-the-pasture game.  We are assuming that the yearling ewes won as Davita and Muffy ended up on fence posts.

They discovered the goat tree, just as any animal we put in this pasture seems to do.  Sheep, goat or dog they all seem to love this little crab apple tree.

The rams discovered that they now have neighbors, and had to show off a little for next season’s ladies with a minor head-butting, neck-wrestling tussle.  Not to be outdone, the yearlings had to do a little showing off of their own.

What was a very exciting day for the yearlings, finally ended with some peaceful grazing… yes… finally.

5 thoughts on “Finally

  1. It's always so fascinating to watch different species interact. It seems like the sheep would just ignore the cats and vice versa. Lovely photos!

  2. Purely pastoral! Thanks! Just looking at these photos lends a feeling of peace, that all is well! I see why they like that crab-apple-tree. Low-hanging fruit, lots of shade and enclosure!

  3. Love the photos of life on your farm! I know it is hard work for you, but we love seeing your critters and the results of your hard labor!

  4. This entry sure makes me miss the sheep at the farm from years back. I loved lambing season, watching a whole new set of antics as the lambs would play follow the leader and run their little legs off.
    Sweet memories.

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