Day Two

Everything was quiet overnight, but bright and early this morning, Juliet gave birth to beautiful twin ewe lambs.  The first weighed 8 lbs and the second 8 lbs 8 ozs.  This moment has been anxiously anticipated.  Juliet was our dream lamb and the first bottle baby that we have bred.  She is three years old but was not bred last year because she was still so small.  We worried throughout the gestation period whether things would go well for her.  Well this morning about 5 a.m. she gave birth without any problems.  We had to clean the twins up for her, but she has been very gentle and has now settled in with them.  She is doing a wonderful job.  We’re just a little worried whether she will produce enough milk.  We’ll keep an eye on that.

Sweet Pea was considerate enough to wait until after breakfast before also having beautiful twin ewe lambs.  Being the veteran mama she is, she was also smart enough to have hers in the barn out of the fog and rain.  Her first lamb entered the world in what could only be described as a swirling swingshot.  The second little one came into the world much more quietly.  They are large girls the first weighing 11 lbs 1 oz and the second weighed 10 lbs 3 ozs. They are doing great.
Shortly after getting Sweet Pea and her girls into a lambing jug, we were treated to a wonderful surprise all the way at the bottom of the hill.  We left the barn to do a field check and could hear a lamb, there was Sweet Pea’s first daughter, Daisy with her lambs.  We literally could not believe our eyes.  What a wonderful surprise… it was..triplets!  They weighed 7 lbs 7 ozs, 7 lbs 10 ozs and 8 lbs 1 oz.  Little did we know that there was a very good reason that she was producing such a huge udder.  The triplets have already become known as ‘My Three Sons’ – Mike, Robbie and Chip, and of course, are the darlings of the barn. 

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  1. I was going to ask about Daisy and then get to the bottom of the post and find she has had triples…oh, bless her heart! I love the names! It sounds like you are having a wonderfully full lambing seasons! They really are so sweet looking. 🙂

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