Happy Birthday

Yet another reason to celebrate today… Happy 149th Birthday West Virginia!

Oh, the West Virginia hills! How majestic and how grand,
With their summits bathed in glory, Like our Prince Immanuel’s Land!
Is it any wonder then, That my heart with rapture thrills,
As I stand once more with loved ones On those West Virginia hills?

Oh, the hills, beautiful hills, How I love those West Virginia hills!
If o’er sea o’er land I roam, Still I’ll think of happy home,
And my friends among the West Virginia hills.
~ words by Mrs. Ellen King, music by H. E. Engle

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I've only been in one tiny corner of your state — the Harper's Ferry area — but it's beautiful there. I enjoy seeing your photos of your area on your lovely blog.

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