After the Storm

Just checking in to let you all know that we are ok after the “horrible… just horrible” (according to the four-year-old) storm that came through West Virginia Friday evening.  A large tree was uprooted in the pasture where the ewes and lambs are, but everyone is ok.  Half of the farm has been without electric since Friday evening, so yesterday the chickens enjoyed a fabulous picnic from cleaning out the refrigerator.  The good news is that half the farm has electric, so we are able to haul water for the animals from Mom’s cistern.  We’ve had no damage to buildings, so everything is ok… just complicated. 
Some advice from the four-year-old – should you have a bad storm – “Just make sure that you call the FBI, and really make sure that you have your magic flashlight!”
Take care.

6 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. I was thinking of you and am glad you are ok. We had storms last night, but thankfully kept power [for once]. I have my magic flashlight and will look up the number to the FBI just in case. Take care and I hope your week is a bright one.

  2. Glad everything is alright at your place! We did fine through it too except our gas is off. We do have electric though but I cook with gas.

  3. Thanks, goodness, you and your animals are safe! For this night some strong thunderstorms with flashs and hail are pronounced for the Bavarian Forest. Hope my simple sheep-"tent" will sustain the storm…

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